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Sustainable Shoreline Retention Using CRV™

Green Horizons Environmental LLC offers sustainable solutions to shoreline retention. The CRV™ system can be used with compost, sand, or dredge material. Contact us today for design solutions!

Compost Solutions

Compost is an excellent growing medium, and when placed inside the Soxx with seed as a nurse crop, it grows through the grid and helps lock the system together.

Sand Solutions

If available on site, sand helps reduce the cost of fill for the Soxx. Generally, we mix 50% compost and 50% sand for increasing the ability of sand to grow and sustain plants. In some coastal tidal locations, sand alone may be enough for native plants like Spartina.

Dredge Solutions

Dredge can be beneficially re-used to fill Soxx and is actually a decent growing medium because it has organic matter, silt, sand and can also be mixed with compost to help increase plant growth.

Heron Marsh at Litchfield by the Sea hired Rod Tyler of Green Horizons to solve our erosion problem on our tidal lake. We had 750 feet of shoreline that needed a good solution, not a sea wall. Rod met with us and proposed his method of building a living shoreline. He was patient and thorough in all his explanations of what this involved. We decided to go for it and couldn’t be more pleased with the result. His crew was careful, neat and on time. Now we have a beautiful natural shore and no more erosion. Rod is knowledgeable and trustworthy. We are only happy to give him a big thumbs up and recommend Rod and Green Horizons for your projects.

Tom Fox, Heron Marsh Home Owners Association


Green Horizons Environmental has been consulting for over 30 years in the field of organic recycling, composting, compost use, and living shorelines. Our offices are located in Medina, OH and Murrells Inlet, NC. and this patented technology has been proven nationwide.

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