About Green Horizons Environmental

Green Horizons Environmental has been consulting for over 30 years in the field of organic recycling, composting, compost use, and living shorelines. In 1996, Winning the Organics Game was published, vaulting our expertise to the forefront for marketing compost. Since then several other publications have continued to lead the field on the cutting edge of finding new ways to use compost with environmental benefits–the latest is Living Shorelines. Contact us today to see how we can help
you meet your goals.


Urban Gardens with GardenSoxx

GardenSoxx can be used to create a healthy and productive garden anywhere.
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Compost Use

Rod Tyler is an expert in the use of compost for a wide range of applications.
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Rod Tyler is a leader in the composing industry.
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Living Shorelines

Living shorelines provide a natural and sustainable alternative to hard armor systems.
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Let’s Build Something Together

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