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Hobcaw Barony Road Suring

Installation of a reinforced CRV™ Living Shoreline for stabilization in the
North Inlet Estuary as an alternative to a vertical wall structure.
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Willbrook Flood Mitigation

A South Carolina property was constantly flooded during full moon and king tides, killing vegetation and risking the survival of mature Live Oak trees.
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Heron Marsh Pond Bank Repair

Using Containment, Reinforcement, and Vegetation to create resilient shoreline in an inter-tidal area in South Carolina View Presentation »

Litchfield Pond Bank Repair

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Mentor Steep Bank Repair

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Akron Steep Bank Repair

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Garden City Dune Scarp Protection

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Federas Residence

See how Green Horizons Environmental helped a California resident stabilize a severe slope while preparing for fire break by planting low growing perennials and removing tinder to prevent fire migration.

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Let’s make something beautiful together.

We were faced with having to secure a steeply declined creek wall at our home. If a retaining wall wasn’t installed we faced the very real possibility of our two story deck toppling over due to bank instability from erosion. Traditional masonry systems were unsightly, expensive, or both, and we wanted something which could blend into the landscape a bit nicer. We were introduced to the Green Horizons system and shown how it could obtain the same results as a block retaining wall while still being aesthetically pleasing. Plus it was nearly 1/3 the cost of installing block or concrete. This system was the perfect choice for our needs and has been amazing to see established. It has grown in thick and green, blending well into the natural landscape of a maintained lawn and natural wooded creek. We’ve seen absolutely zero new slippage of the slope or the installed Green Horizons system through several record rainfalls, and are no longer concerned about losing our property to water runoff and erosion.

Nolan Majewski
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