Why CRV™ Living Shorelines?

Containment. Reinforcement. Vegetation.

A Natural and Sustainable Approach to Shoreline Retention.

By containing, reinforcing, and vegetating the system, then pinning the whole system in with earth anchors, we create a solid, resilient design that blends into any landscape.

CRV™ Living Shorelines are a soft armor approach to protecting the integrity of where land meets water, to prevent continued erosion, grow native vegetation, and enhance property benefits for stakeholder use. Compared to traditional alternatives including hard structures like steel, wood or vinyl bulkheads, CRV™ Living Shorelines provide more resiliency during surge storm events and less repair because they are a living system, capable of surviving surge events, even Category 5 Hurricanes.

Design Principles

Green horizons uses three main principles of design for success in your projects:


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Reinforcement of that contained media with a geogrid wrap that is also anchored with earth anchors.


The Soxx are pre-seeded with a native seed mix that quickly grows and succession plantings of plugs are planted directly into the Soxx between holes in the grid for long term protection.

CRV Green Gabions

CRV Green Gabions provide a structurally sound plantable option to help filter sediment and invisible pollutants while providing an effective edge for shoreline buffers.

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“The Clambank Roadway has come through four different hurricanes now, with water up to six feet over the road, and the embankment and road have held up through all of it.”

George Chastain,
Executive Director, Hobcaw Barony

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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