Rod Tyler

Rod Tyler has been consulting for over 30 years in the field of organic recycling, composting, compost use, and living shorelines.

About Rod Tyler

Mr. Tyler possesses over 30 years in the Compost Industry and has a diversified background in compost quality control, research, new market and product development and marketing. He has technical expertise in Agronomy, developing efficient composting systems, sustainability, storm water, pollution control and developing source markets for the products produced. As the inventor and former patent holder for the Filtrexx line of products, Rod created an entire industry change from silt fence to Compost Filter Socks. Now, many states have changed their regulations to allow only compost filter socks.

More recently, Rod has designed and installed Living Shorelines, which are new soft armor designs to replace rigid bulkheads and hardscapes to be more resilient and sustainable against severe storm surges. Rod consults for market studies, composting feasibility studies, marketing tune ups for companies making and selling compost, training, and professional speaking.

In addition, Rod has also continued to develop products like GardenSoxx, the best container for growing, which can be used anywhere to generate a garden, avoiding weeds, rototilling, and uses 90% less water.

Rod Tyler is a mentor, colleague, and most importantly, a friend. His innovations & impact on our industry are unprecedented. Take a minute to learn about this innovative gardening system he developed. The benefits are remarkable.

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