Fill Media

Build a System Using Locally Sourced Fill Media.

Green Horizons Environmental stresses the importance of using local Fill Media in the Soxx for performance and savings. Native vegetation is the best choice, and native vegetation prefers native soils. Locally sourced Fill Media also saves on trucking costs to the job site. For instance, one project required 20 loads of Fill Media. Fill Media needs to be placed, graded, compacted, reinforced, and vegetated. This process is tedious and needs to be done correctly, but it is difficult to predict due to unsure nature of how materials locally compact. In addition, shipping products 50-100 miles would make our technology more expensive, but perhaps still less than traditional structural alternatives.  Locally sourced Fill Media simply saves you, the customer, money!


Compost is available in over 4,000 locations across the US and is one of the best local, affordable growing medias to use as Fill Media for all applications.


Depending on the regulations in your area, if you are able to use the sand on the surface of a beach, river or lake, it can be contained with our Soxx and help prevent further erosion. If not, local sand is normally available but needs to be hauled in, which adds cost to the project.


Dredge is mis-judged by many people – it actually is a mixture of sediments and organic matter, and is fairly high in nutrient content. Dredge is commonly available in coastal areas, lakes and some stormwater ponds where dredging is required to increase capacity or depth for waterway navigation. Beneficial reuse of this product provides a recycling pathway that has not yet become popular but makes a lot of sense.

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