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Containment. Reinforcement. Vegetation

Engineered. Patented. Sustainable.

By containing, reinforcing, and vegetating the system, then pinning the whole system in with earth anchors, we create a solid, resilient design that blends into any landscape.

Most of our projects involve working with local engineers to determine the best design required for each site, however, in some situations our long history and level of expertise and experience may result in being able to design a similar system without engineer involvement. It is important to make sure you know where your property lines are and if unsure, consult an engineer to do an initial survey before contracting any work.

CRV™ Engineer Drawings

Design drawings are available for your reference. Take a look at the wide range of applications for CRV™ Living Shorelines, then contact us for a free project review.
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CRV™ Living Shorelines have proven more resilient compared to traditional alternatives like bulkheads or rip rap. When those systems get high waters from severe storm events they often over top. Bulkheads have cavitation behind them, which may cause catastrophic failure.  Our CRV™ Living Shorelines allow the water to rise and recede while the vegetation, containment and reinforcement stay in tact.  Natural areas that have solid vegetation experience a similar resilience as Living Shorelines, but in coastal areas where sand is the predominant soil, and it is loose, it makes more sense to contain local materials like sand, dredge or compost so they are less likely to move or erode during storm events.

Design Process

Every job site is different. We design each solution to work with existing vegetation, keeping good roots as anchor points to prevent further erosion rather than removing them. We customize a solution based on your needs in terms of how much bank fill is required (ie, do you want to add 4-6’ to your property or simply stop erosion of the existing bank?)

Many of our systems have been through several hurricanes since installation and one project withstood a direct hit from Hurricane Sandy, a Category 5 hurricane that inflicted huge damage along the east coast.

Rod Tyler, Owner & Inventor

Fill Media


Compost is available in over 4,000 locations across the us and is one of the best local, affordable growing medias to use as soxx fill for all applications.


Depending on the regulations in your area, if you are able to use the sand on the surface of a beach, river or lake, it can be contained with our soxx and help prevent further erosion. If not, local sand is normally available but needs to be hauled in, which adds more cost to the project.


Dredge is mis judged by many people – it actually is a mixture of sediments, organic matter and fairly high in nutrient content. Dredge is commonly available in coastal areas, lakes and some stormwater ponds where dredging is required to increase capacity or depth for waterway navigation. Beneficial reuse of this product provides a recycling pathway that has not yet become popular but makes a lot of logical sense

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